The Mini is an all-in-one handheld scanner that combines a 1000 Mhz antenna for deeper scans (up to 4’) AND 2000 Mhz antenna for higher detail scans, its versatility means you will never have to buy two separate systems.

Hardware features include:

  • Lasers for horizontal and vertical alignment
  • 8 hour hot-swappable battery packs for continuous use
  • An adjustable handle for easy use on various surfaces
  • Polyurethane wheels with radial ball bearings for smooth, quick passes
  • 10.1 inch daylight-readable touchscreen interface

The system comes standard with US Radar’s proprietary subsurface imaging software, which allows users the ability to:

  • Configure antenna settings automatically to conditions of scanning surface
  • Label and measure distance between various data points
  • Export data into AutoCAD, video, picture and other formats
  • Set color palettes, gain (contrast) and other visual parameters to gather important data insights
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Optional 3D mapping and integration with sophisticated 3rd party software such as GPR Slice.

US Radar

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