The new Cat 16M3 Motor Grader features engineering enhancements that boost fuel economy, increase structural durability, simplify maintenance, add operator convenience and promote the safety of both the operator and those around the machine.

A new ECO mode, standard for Tier 2 equivalent and Tier 4 engines, is designed to improve fuel economy by optimizing engine speed to 1,900 rpm in working gears when possible with no compromise in performance. This operator-selected feature delivers fuel savings estimated at up to 4 to 5 percent, compared with working in comparable light- to moderate-load applications with the system deactivated. Also new for the 16M3 is the “OK-to-Start” system, which automatically checks the engine coolant, engine oil, and hydraulic oil levels when the key is turned to the on position.

Drive train and structures
The Cat direct-drive, power-shift transmission, with eight forward and six reverse gears, incorporates the Cat Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy system, designed to smooth gear changes and promote productivity. The modular trans-axle now has a standard automatic differential lock, which ensures appropriate locking/unlocking for optimum traction and maneuvering.

In the cab
The full-color touch-screen display, with an intuitive menu structure, allows the operator to monitor machine performance, set parameters to suit operating situations, and access service information for initial troubleshooting. The new display also shows Cat Grade Control Cross Slope readings and DEF level. In addition, a new keypad with lighted, one-touch buttons replaces most of the three-position switches used previously. Advanced Control joysticks enhance control of the Cat Grade Control Cross Slope or AccuGrade systems and also have provision for auxiliary-hydraulic control. Also standard for the 16M3 is the Caterpillar Vital Information Management System, which provides real-time information about machine health and surroundings, trends, events, and other vital machine information to support production and planning.

Safety and service
The standard rearview camera system presents crisp images on the new information display or on an optional LCD screen above the rearview mirror. Also standard is a seat belt indicator, which alerts the operator that the belt is not fastened and records the incident as a fault code.

The optional enhanced-access platform provides ladders, walkways and handrails that allow access to the cab or engine compartment from either side of the machine. An available service access configuration has ladders, walkways and handrails for convenient access to the engine compartment from either side. Double doors provide open access to the engine and use stainless steel barrel hinges for easy removal.

The 16M3 also uses a new modular cooling package, which facilitates removal and installation of components in the cooling system, providing an estimated time saving of 20 percent, compared with the 16M. Clean-out doors provide easy access to the cooling cores.


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