The space-maximizing ChampRack system fits under all commercial-style pickup truck caps, organizes tools and materials, and provides easy access to all

ChampRack’s key advantage over other systems is a contractor-friendly design that is very customizable by the end user, meets different tool and goods storage and transport needs, and provides easy access to everything.

ChampRack is a truss-based pickup bed rack system designed to:
• Improve access to and space for tools and materials
• Provide room for 4 x 8-foot sheet goods, or an open bed floor
• Create up to four levels of storage space
• Hold up to 1,200 lbs. of tools and materials
• Fit under all commercial-style bed caps
ChampRack can be configured with two 19-inch deep shelves on both sides, with each shelf capable of holding up to 200 lbs. of evenly distributed goods. The system provides up to three levels of storage plus a Small Parts Storage Bin Shelf and 12 Plastic Parts Bins. The design also leaves ample room for 4 x 8-foot sheet goods or other flat or rolled materials on the open bed floor.

Through efficient use of the available pickup truck bed space under the cap provides a 180 percent increase in usable storage space, giving contractors and crews much-needed additional room for materials and equipment. The system fits under most or all commercial-style caps, is designed to provide easy access via the cap’s van-style rear doors or side lift-up doors, and can be installed either before or after cap installation.

Easy access to goods and tools by way of the cap’s rear and side doors means the system also minimizes or eliminates repetitive climbs into and out of the bed.

Designed to maximize space in full-size, eight-foot-long pickup truck beds, the ChampRack system works best with commercial caps with at least 23 inches of interior height. At 72 inches in length, the system provides two feet of open space at the rear of the bed for larger items such a pressure washer, commercial sprayer, table saw, etc. The 72-inch length also means ChampRack will fit in smaller six-foot-long truck beds.


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