The handy pocket-sized Kestrel 5200 measures and records wind and air flow, temperature and humidity anywhere on-site. More usefully, it provides specialized readings for pouring concrete.

The Kestrel 5200 offers direct readout of the American Concrete Institute’s “evaporation rate” formula a reliable guide to the likelihood that surface cracks will develop in a slab while curing. No more confusing nomographs just enter the mixture temperature and take a quick reading with the Kestrel 5200 right at the pour location. Knowing when the evaporation rate is high provides the opportunity to erect wind breaks or sunshades, adjust the mix or pour time, or mist or cover the slab preventing unsightly cracks and costly rework.

The display is truly sunlight readable easily viewed large numerals, simple menus and clearly labeled measurements. Optional LiNK wireless connectivity provides remote view of readings and fast data log transfer with any iOS or Android device. The optional portable Vane Mount turns the Kestrel 5200 into a sturdy weather station mountable on any tripod. The case is extremely tough as well as water and dust-proof. The entire unit is just five inches long and weighs slightly over four ounces, and a single AA battery provides months of operation.

The meter features factory calibrated sensors that provide accurate readings, 13 basic weather measurements: air density, air flow, air velocity, altitude, barometric pressure, dew point temperature, evaporation rate, heat stress index, moisture content, relative air density, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind chill.


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