The new JLG telehandlers are designed to be more comfortable, more serviceable, and to enhance operator confidence. “This launch represents a quantum step forward in telehandler design and engineering,” said Brian Boeckman, JLG Industries’ global product director for telehandlers. “We’ve re-thought every aspect of machine operation and service. We’ve used input from rental houses, fleet managers and business owners. The results are machines that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

The innovations are common across the JLG line and include the following models:

Model Capacity Reach
Model 642 6,600 lbs. (2,993 kg.) 42 ft. (12.8m.)
Model 943 9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg.) 43 ft. (13.1m.)
Model 1043 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg.) 43 ft. (13.1m.)
Model 1055 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg.) 55 ft. (16.7m.)
Model 1255 12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg.) 55 ft. (16.7m.)

Each model features a single joystick controller and a multifunction gauge package. The joystick includes declutch/transmission neutral, carriage tilt functions, and auxiliary hydraulic control, as well as boom lift and telescope. Comfort enhancements reduce operator fatigue to improve productivity. The cab is spacious and engineered to deliver better visibility in all directions. Operator sight lines are further improved by the use of a single compensation and lift cylinder.

The single cylinder also reduces the number of parts to maintain, which can simplify maintenance. The external telescope cylinder is now mounted on top of the boom, making it less susceptible to damage and easier to service.

The newly designed hoods feature new materials. JLG’s Dura Tough hoods are made from a stout-yet-flexible polymer. It won’t ding like steel and is not as brittle as ABS. It is also more heat resistant than ABS. Thus, fleet owners will spend less time repairing or replacing hoods damaged on the job.

The company also expanded its line of telehandler attachments, including:

• Pipe grapple
• Material handling arm
• Trash hopper
• 3-foot truss with winch
• Coupler-mounted lifting hook
• Fork-mounted bucket

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