Dust Extraction Swing Arm Offers Fully Mobile Point of Source Extraction Solution.
The Dust Extraction Swing Arm is an attachment that can be connected to any portable Ruwac vacuum system to safely remove airborne dusts, gases and smoke emitted straight from the point of source during the manufacturing process.

These swing arm assemblies are fully mobile and retractable with a 360° swivel, and can be mounted onto a pivot arm extension. They also feature a spring-loaded arm with an adjustable tensioner that guarantees positive placement once fixed into the position of a user’s choosing. Its compact design makes it easy to move around the work floor as well as fold up for storage. For high velocity vacuums requiring multi-user accessibility, more than one swing arm may be attached to the vacuum system. Because the Dust Extraction Swing Arm can be mounted to Ruwac’s portable dry vacuums as well as its line of explosion proof wet collectors, it makes it a very diverse vacuum accessory capable of safely removing everything from combustible metal dusts to grains, sugars and other fine powders.


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