Compact size, maneuverability, low operating and owning cost, and the ability to power a variety of attachments make skid-steer loaders one of the handiest pieces of equipment at the jobsite.


How do you chose the right skid-steer to fit the application? It's not easy. That's because skid-steers are designed to be versatile, to fit many applications. To chose the right one, make up a list of applications that are important for your work, listing the normal work conditions for each one. Only consider machines that meet the criteria on your shopping list. For instance, consider the following: operating load capacity; length, width, and height; turning radius; and travel speed.


More than 30 attachments are available for skid-steers. The attachments are the key to the skid-steer's profitability--the ability to perform many jobs with one unit. Typical attachments offered by many manufacturers include: bucket, blade, backhoe, box scraper, compactor, pallet fork, mast fork, auger, broom, snow blower, trencher, grapple, landscape rake, tree transplanter, and planer.