Small Angle Grinders with I Brake and Lanyard Ready Connection
Small Angle Grinders with I Brake and Lanyard Ready Connection

The new grinders feature a Lanyard Ready Connection, which allows users to utilize a lanyard to tether the grinder to rigid structures at jobsites, and brake that stops the wheel 50% faster on average than DWE402 model with DW4541 abrasive wheel.

Key improvements include the Lanyard Ready Connection, improved brake system, a Dust Ejection System that has been taken to a new level of design and functionality, an E-CLUTCH that activates in less than a tenth of a second when a wheel pinch/stall event is detected, and the new motor design. A new motor platform has been developed yielding 40% more copper than the motor on the D28402, upgrading the grinder to 11 Amps and adding another 200 max watts of output power.

The 4 ½” Small Angle Grinders feature a newly redesigned and patented Dust Ejection System. This feature filters debris from the air allowing mostly clean air to pass across the motor leading to long motor life. First introduced on the D28402 Small Angle Grinder, DEWALT’S patented Dust Ejection System feature required power from the motor to operate. The new design of the Dust Ejection System on the DWE402 does not require power from the motor. This allows the motor to be protected without compromising performance.

For most grinding applications, performance is critical. Power is needed to not only complete applications quickly but complete them for long periods without overheating the grinder. With the new Small Angle Grinders, DEWALT is introducing phase 2 of the Next Generation Motor. The new motor has the 4-piece field introduced in phase 1 plus 40% more copper now added to the armature providing even more power.

The new grinders are also designed to be easier to use. A patent pending feature, the One-Touch guard allows for the guard to be adjusted in a single, fluid motion. Keyless guards and detent style guards found on competitive units require 2 or more actions to adjust the guard. At 4.6 lbs and a circumference of 194mm, the slim, ergonomic body design allows for comfortable use without sacrificing the performance that users want and need to perform tough cutting and grinding applications.


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