The MLT6SMD LED light tower is a 6kW unit powered by a Tier 4 ultra-fuel-efficient ECOSpeed engine that operates in multiple speeds, allowing it to have a runtime of up to 215 hours on a single tank and a service interval of 750 hours. Its temperature management system ensures the engine maintains proper operation regardless of load, and can reliably perform in temperature between -20° to 120°F making it ideal for construction and roadwork.

Additional MLT6SMD Features:

  • (4) 240W instant-on Generac LED lights with 88,000 total lumen output
  • Standard Power Zone controller with automatic start/stop and dusk-to-dawn photo sensor operation
  • Mast extends up to 23 ft.
  • Ground-adjustable light fixtures deploy easily and can be rotated 359 degrees for illumination of the jobsite
  • Flip hood for easy engine access and maintenance
  • Convenience outlets offer 5kW of clean power export, safe for sensitive electronics
  • Telemetry options for remote monitoring and recovery assistance

The PLT240 LINKTower is powered by a standard 120V outlet, and can be used safely indoors and out, with zero localized emissions. Users can link two LINKTowers together on a single 120V outlet. This enables versatility in lighting and because this light tower does not have an internal engine it is silent; making it ideal for jobsites where sound is a consideration. The design allows it to be maneuvered by one person and fits through a standard doorway.
LINKTower Features:

  • (4) 240W instant-on Generac LED lights with 88,000 total lumen output
  • Zero localized emissions
  • Mast extends up to 16 ft. and stows to fit through standard doorways
  • Retractable handles and added caster wheel for one-person maneuverability
  • Link up to two towers together for maximum lighting versatility

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