DC 3000 vacuum
DC 3000 vacuum

The perfect companion for our PG 280, PG 400 or PG 450 grinders, the DC 3000 is a versatile, high volume dust collector for handling heavy duty dry/wet grinding applications and includes all hoses and floor tools you need.

It features automatic dust filter cleaning that prevents clogging while the vacuum is working, and the polyester filters are washable for easy maintenance. To facilitate disposal of debris, the top of the vacuum lifts off the container and the container is easily tilted to allow the debris to slide out, it’s high performance, lightweight and easy to transport.

Main benefits
• Automatic dust filter cleaning - prevents clogging while working.
• Easy disposal - the container tilts making it easy to dispose of debris
• Easy connection - the Husqvarna multi adapter makes quick connections to the grinders
• Low noise - 73 db(A)
• Dry or wet vacuum cleaner

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