Hi-Tech Spall TX Gel is the latest addition to Hi-Tech's extensive line of rapid curing concrete repair products. Necessity is the mother of invention, so when our customer came to us and asked for a better way to cap surface cracks in preparation for injection, we set to work developing the TX Gel. The scope of the project required that all work be done at night, and as such, time was of the essence. The polyester resin that was used prior to our material had to be hand mixed and manually applied, allowing them to complete about 200 lineal feet per night. Because of the thin viscosity of the TX Gel prior to mixing, our customer was able to pump the TX Gel with our industry leading SB2009 plural component pump and complete up to 2,000 lineal feet in one night.

Within an hour the TX gel had cured and bonded with the concrete well enough to hold up to the pressure of crack injection. Even better was the fact that the material could be easily removed without the need of a grinder, saving even more time and money. The Hi-Tech TX Gel is 100% solids, odorless and meets USGBC’s LEED® requirement of IEQ Credit 4.1: Low-Emitting Materials – Adhesives and Sealants for 1 Point. It also complies with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168, for Non-Porous Sealants, which is a requirement of IEQ4.1. We quickly discovered that the TX Gel was also a great crack and spall repair material. Being a non sag material, the TX Gel also works great for vertical repairs and surface repairs like anchor bolt holes where traditional repair materials would be lost through the slab. Requiring only a handheld dispenser and a trowel to finish, the TX Gel can be applied to multiple repairs quickly and efficiently.

Within an hour, the product is traffic ready and soon after that will reach a Shore D of 70. The TX Gel has been engineered to be rigid and strong, but still flexible, resulting in a durable long lasting repair. The TX Gel can also be ground smooth and flush with the floor resulting in a premium looking repair. The ability to rapidly adapt to our customers’ needs and provide them with solutions that save them time and money has always been a hallmark of Hi-Tech Systems. In the original case study our crack capping system utilizing Hi-Tech TX gel resulted in a tenfold increase in productivity and allowed our customer to complete his project ahead of schedule and under budget.