Beast Screed by Stego Industries, LLC is a patent-pending, vapor barrier-safe screed system designed to replace, and improve upon, traditional wet-screeding methods. Its unique design will improve pour crew efficiency, prevent vapor barrier damage caused by more traditional screed systems, and result in improved overall FL numbers. Beast Screed, an entirely new category of screed hardware, is a fixed-elevation, point-to-point guide screed system that allows you to maintain floor levelness during the screeding operation. This eliminates the need to frequently reestablish grade to ensure floor elevation has not changed during the screeding operation as is typical with traditional wet-screed methods.

The Beast Screed System consists of three unique components. The first component is the vapor barrier-safe Beast Foot with an engineered, peel-and-stick adhesive that is compatible with Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier. The second component is the threaded Beast Screed Post with slab elevation markings and easy-to-cut kerf lines, so Beast Screed can be customized to screed slabs from 4” to 12” thick. Finally, the third component is the bright yellow Beast Screed (adjustable cap).  With two inches of adjustability, Beast Screed will easily adjust to ensure a fixed elevation and more accurate FL numbers than traditional wet-screeding. Beast Foot also has additional forming utility designed to hold forms to grade and provide lateral bracing without compromising the vapor barrier.

Concrete Contractors will save time and money, while increasing slab levelness with the new Beast Screed System. The Beast Screed Post and Beast Screed (top) are both designed to be re-used, while the Beast Foot is left adhered to the vapor barrier at the base of the concrete slab.  Bring a whole new level of efficiency and accuracy to your next job with the simple and revolutionary Beast Screed!

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