Rockler, seeing that customers were tired of constantly loosing earbuds, has released their Bench Dog Soundshield Safety Glasses. These are safety glasses that are equipped with earplugs.

Tools of the Trade's Chris Ermides explained the hassle of keeping up with your earbuds and how this latest innovation works:

Retractable PermaPlug earplugs, that have a noise reduction rating of 25 dB, store in the temple tip ends so they’re out of the way and handy when you need them. A hinged cap protects the earplugs from dirt when they’re not in use. The PermaPlug earplugs can be replaced with either PermaPlug or DuraFoam. Polycarbonate lenses are anti-fog, scratch and impact-resistant and absorb 99 % of the sun’s UV rays.

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