Izonil Waterproof & Breathable Plaster provides a waterproof barrier. It seals and prevents the ingress of water on either side of the plaster while remaining air-permeable, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate and preventing mold. The pre-blended portland cement-based plaster contains proprietary waterproofing ingredients. As it is a one-step plastering and waterproofing solution, there is no need for membranes or sealants; simply add water and trowel up. Applicable in anywhere waterproofing is essential, especially basements. Izonil, 888-249-6645.

The 2009 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest, held in concert with World of Concrete, showcases innovation in the concrete and masonry construction industry. A total of 100 entries in 14 categories were submitted. Each entry was reviewed for their unique attributes and contributions to the concrete industry by the readers of Concrete Construction, Concrete & Masonry Construction Products, Masonry Construction, and The Concrete Producer; World of Concrete attendees; and a panel of industry experts.

Combining the results from text messaging and online ballots as well as expert feedback, this is one of the 2009 MIP winners relevant to Concrete Construction.