The overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction project from beginning to end can seem like an overwhelming task. But as technology evolves, so does the development of new construction management software. Designed to help increase efficiency and cost savings, there is a broad range of software applications to help contractors and project managers track an entire project, costs, time, quality, paperwork, and jobsite safety.

The range of software available includes some specifically designed to perform one task, while others are developed to help streamline an entire project. Below are just a few examples of what is available for the concrete construction industry.

Jobsite documentation software

TruQC is a paperless, cloud-based, jobsite documentation software built for the iPad. It’s designed to be compliant to NIOSH and OSHA standards, easy-to-use, and compact. It simplifies documenting your project and crew with three easy-to-use programs: TruSafety simplifies and manages the site safety checklist; TruInspection auto-fills and calculates ambient conditions, dew point, humidity, wet-bulb temp, profiles, and coating thickness; and TruCost fills in timesheets in real-time and has expense reporting capabilities. TruQC. 314-618-2558.