Texas-based contractor JC Evans has more than 1300 pieces of light and heavy equipment, valued around $20 million. Because of its size, the company runs its shop like a rental business. Job superintendents must check out equipment from the shop, and even get charged fees against their specific project.

For cutting concrete, JC Evans has used Partner saws over the past several years, because durability and serviceability are one of the contractor's most important needs. If a tool isn't dependable or is in the shop half of the time, all the bells and whistles of advanced design become irrelevant.

Not only are they used for cutting through a lot of materials, but they are also exposed to harsh environments that can choke and trash hand tools. “These saws are continually exposed to dust, grit, and sand,” says Curt Kasper, light equipment mechanic.

Kasper attributes longevity of the Partner saws to the fact they are easier to service. They are very mechanically friendly and the parts are readily available to service these units. And that makes a big difference in terms of availability, reliability, and lower operating cost.

Although rugged enough to handle hostile environments, the power cutter line is also environmentally friendly to users. Various models meet or exceed US standards for exhaust emissions, vibration, odors, noise, and dust—without any loss in power or increase in weight.

“In choosing our tools, we try to strike a balance between the initial cost, operating cost, and reliability,” Brimmell says. “Our cutting tools are exposed to dust and debris and tough usage on the job. They also get dropped and tossed around a bit, so that adds to the wear and tear on them.”

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