Makita USA, La Mirada, Calif., recently introduced two new planers designed for smoothing concrete surfaces and leveling concrete seams. Both the PC5000C and PC5001C feature 5-in.-diameter diamond grinding wheels that are powered by 10-amp electric motors. The PC5001C includes an adjustable front roller and auxiliary base to add stability and help maintain a consistent planing depth.

Both machines offer alternative dust-control capabilities. The dust shroud surrounding the grinding wheel contains dust and directs it to the standard removable dust collection bag. A removable cap at the front of the dust shroud allows the plane to operate in corners and against walls. For cleaner operation, you can remove the dust bag and attach a vacuum hose to the port.

The PC5000C and PC5001C Planers weigh 8.9 and 11.2 lbs., respectively, and both feature ergonomic soft grips and large, two-finger trigger switches with lock-on function for greater user comfort. The PC5001C lists for about $1175 but can be found online for under $650; the PC5000C's list price is $680 and the online price is around $400.