Octagon Handles – The best thing to happen to a snap handle since the snap!

Are you looking for a bull float handle with better grip? Look no further than the new Octagon Handle from MARSHALLTOWN.

With an octagonal profile, these 1-3/4” diameter handles increase gripping power by an average of 20% compared to round handles of the same diameter. The Octagon Handles make finishing work a breeze when your hands are wet and sweaty; no more slipping! Many finishers experience hand, wrist and arm fatigue using wide tools like bull floats and bump cutters, or while connecting several handles together. The extra grip provided by the Octagon Handles allows the finisher to keep the blade pitched with less effort.

Octagon Handles connect to all brackets, adapters, and handles that accept a round 1-3/4" handle. The Patent Pending design includes internal ribs, making the handles lighter and providing less sag than a round insert-style handle.

Marshalltown Company. www.marshalltown.com

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