Concrete played a significant role in building Montage Deer Valley, a 988,000-square-foot luxury resort and spa. The primary structural system is made of concrete. The superstructure consists of more than 60,000 cubic yards of concrete over three levels of heated underground parking, accommodating 532 vehicles, as well as an additional 10 levels aboveground. The project also contains 3000 cubic yards of concrete manufactured onsite.

Using concrete led to a reduction in floor-to-floor sound transmission. Also, by self-performing the concrete work, the contractor was able to control the quality and provide the owner with the desired look—one that maintains the expected overall commitment to elegance, high quality, and luxury, along with sustainability and green practices.

Montage Deer Valley received LEED Silver certification in July 2011, becoming Utah’s first LEED-certified resort/hotel.

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