Introducing MQ Whiteman Pro Trowels MQ Whiteman Pro Trowels, available in 36” and 46” diameters, redefine the capabilities of walk-behind concrete finishers. A unique design, featuring an integrated boom enables contractors, for the first time, to apply a broom or fresno finish while making the final trowel pass. Contractors will appreciate the increased efficiencies made possible by the Pro Trowel. Single-pass application of the broom or fresno saves money by reducing the amount of labor and time required to complete the job. They are ideally suited for parking structures, multi-story projects and jobs that do not require a burnished surface. The boom is exceptionally balanced, mechanically actuated, and has a 180° range of lateral motion.

Removable weights on the boom allow the contractor to increase surface pressure of the attachment according to slab conditions. Pitch of both the fresno blade and broom are easily adjusted from the operator’s position. The fresno and broom attachments are easily exchanged and require no special tools. An innovative linkage allows the operator to adjust engine throttle with either his left or right hand for convenience. The advanced clutch system of the Pro Trowel stops it in place should the operator release the handle while the engine is running at full RPM. Models are powered by easy-starting Honda engines with low-oil shutdown. The towels also feature the trusted MQ Whiteman gearbox known for delivering years of trouble-fee operation. The spider assembly features economically replaceable wear parts that reduce maintenance costs over the life of the machine. The machine is equipped with a 4-blade spider assembly and pitch is adjusted by a standard knob-type control.