When civil structures incur damage or develop corrosion, municipalities and industries need dependable products to repair structures in a fast and cost-effective manner. Time lost for repair or replacement disrupts the flow of goods and services, and having immediate access to state-of-the-art infrastructure repair technology benefits service providers and their customers. NRI has developed a line of infrastructure reinforcement solutions tailored to the needs of civil industry and municipalities.

For over thirty years, NRI has offered effective infrastructure repair solutions with multiple applications. Our products are used to repair and reinforce transportation infrastructure, communication infrastructure, and building components to quickly get civil industry services back online. NRI develops repair composites with advanced infrastructure reinforcement technology, providing clients with longterm solutions at a fraction of replacement costs.

Our infrastructure repair solutions consist of durable, lightweight carbon or glass fabrics that are applied to surfaces using NRI’s patented epoxy, Titan-Poxy. These components offer superior, longlasting protection, even in extreme temperatures and weather. They can be applied quickly and easily to limit downtime and loss of productivity. NRI’s family of infrastructure reinforcement solutions effectively strengthen bridge and overpass columns in the transportation industry, cell phone towers or other communications infrastructure, and support beams for building or other structures. The versatility of our infrastructure repair solutions is unparalleled in the industry, making NRI the best choice for civil engineering repair and reinforcement.

Long working time even in hot environments
Properties retained even at high temperature use
Solvent free, no VOC's
Applicable in damp and wet environments
High strength and light weight
Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility
Full factory engineering consultation and support, ensuring safe and successful repairs

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