With portability and function in mind, Phoenix Curb Machines set out to create the most versatile self-propelled concrete/pavement cutter available in today’s market place. Boasting up to a 48" cutting blade and a fully articulating saw head, a 48" horizontal reach and a 60" vertical reach, the "Curbie" can cut hard surfaces at virtually any angle.

Thanks to computer controlled hydraulics, the "Curbie" has power to spare to tackle the toughest of cutting projects with a level of precision not available in most other cutting solutions. It's compact size and ease of use makes transportation and setup a breeze while substantially reducing expensive manhour labor costs. "Curbie" can be operated manually or, with available options, can be setup to run via directional sensors for cutting long lines. There are also optional attachments allowing it to become a core drilling monster…again, at any angle.

"Curbie" is ideally suited for reclamation work. By changing the angle of attack, the blade can backcut existing curbs in place, allowing for the installation of "tack-on" curb directly over the top of the cut. Highway barriers can be easily sectioned for removal prior to reinstallation. Doorways and openings in existing concrete walls are easily achieved. "Curbie" will also flat-cut at ground level.

With its fully articulating saw head and ground-breaking reach, "Curbie's" potential is limited only by the operator’s imagination! Patented 2014. Trademark and Copyright 2014.

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