• Raft type foundations under buildings are very stable due to their large size and monolithic structure. Primekss has made building of raft type foundations faster and easier by using steel fibre-reinforced concrete instead of cumbersome traditional rebars. Now rafts can be made quickly, cutting down on time and expenses, and achieving superior quality due to the high tensile strength of the concrete.

    PrimeComposite Rafts can be placed in a singled pour, providing enhanced structural stability. It is possible to reduce the raft thickness, compared to traditional approaches, reducing self-weight and excavation demand. In addition, underwater placement is also possible with no need for reinforcement cage installation. Surface of PrimeComposite Raft can be finished in similar manner as any other PrimeComposite floor. The limited concrete cracking of the PrimeComposite II technology, along with the very well controlled crack widths provided steel fiber reinforcement; means the PrimeComposite Rafts significantly reduces the need for watertight detailing.


    EASED SUPERVISION: of your flooring subcontractor through use of the PrimeQuality Total Quality Management System Dashboard for live streaming oversight of the slab installation.

  • Reduced need for STORAGE: more space available on jobsite as rebar mesh is eliminated.
  • Less EXCAVATION OF SOIL: because of thinner slab than traditional designs.
  • SURFACE REGULARITY: best possible surface flatness and levelness tolerances are achievable.

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