These two products simplify rebar placement and form setup. With the Grab-R/Grab Hook System there is no need for braces, tie wire, or excess lumber. Spread the Grab-R 3 to 5 feet to hold rebar securely. It installs quickly and easily, replacing cleats, tie-wire, and cross braces. The Grab-Hook snaps into place, locking J-Hooks in position. It can be moved or adjusted any time.The company's weatherproof, stay-in-place Quick PadZ forms have perforated tabs built into sturdy plastic corrugated sides for rebar insertion, minimizing setup time. The durable plastic material prevents blowouts and holds the rebar in place, eliminating the need for rebar tying and reducing setup time. Plus, Quick TubeZ forms are made of the same material used for concrete column forms. They can be cut to length, with a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Fast Footingz, 253-380-9669 and