The new RIPACK® Series 3000 can heat shrink a Standard pallet load, three (3) feet high in less than a minute with adjustable heating power from 153,000 to 260,000 btu/h.

The 3000's precision design guarantees the total safety of operators and goods from any gas leak or burn by direct contact or by backfire. The stainless steel "COLD NOZZLE" combustion chamber remains cool-to-the-touch even during intensive, prolonged use (Patent Ripack®). The design of the aluminum body with special air inlets prevents any obstruction from choking off airflow to the gun and the "SECURIPACK" pressure regulator not only adjusts the pressure within safe operating perameters but also includes a shut-off valve to stop gas flow in unsafe conditions.

The ergonomic, dual-material handle, the easy action of the trigger, the perfect balance of its light-weight design, the hanger ring, the 360° rotating nozzle and swivel gas connector, allow for intensive use without any constraint. The replacement of the igniter piezo is made easy without any tools in seconds with the innovation of an incorporated emergency igniter located in a spare compartment in the handle.

To shrink large areas of film, RIPACK® Series 3000 offers a choice of three (3) different, light-weight extension wands from 2 feet up to 7 feet long and adaptable with a single click.

Even the tool case was designed for innovation and purpose not only able to carry the 3000 equipment easily but large enough to hold additional tools, supplies, gloves, safety glasses, etc. The tool case can also be used as a "STEP STOOL" and can support up to 265 lbs. giving the operator an additional reach of 12 inches. A optional pivoting arm rest provides increased comfort and support during extended use with the extension wands.

Ripack, Inc.
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