Contractors receive an accuracy of +/- 0.02-inch from the PR 2-HS laser whether they are leveling formwork and pouring concrete, transferring and checking references, setting out slopes or performing excavation work.

Simple to use buttons makes the PR 2-HS laser extremely user friendly. And, the PR-2 HS laser is powered by same 12V CPC battery platform as the Hilti’s A12 cordless tool line, reducing the number of accessories needed on the job. On a single charge, the PR 2-HS laser can run up to 16-hours, and Hilti lithium-ion batteries featuring CPC technology for superior power management can charge in as little as 35 minutes.

Paired with PRA 20 receiver, the PR 2-HS laser has an operating range of 1,968 feet diameter and rotation speed of 300 rpm. It is water, dust and dirt resistant. Also, using Hilti pulse power technology, the rotating laser is unaffected by the sun and other light sources.

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