Sage Construction Anywhere makes it simple for everyone involved in a project to access the information needed to keep projects moving forward, from any location. Field teams can easily share and view the latest project details available using iOS and Android mobile devices or laptops. With quick access to project documents, drawings, photos and more, field teams can easily verify the work they need to do before they do it – lessening the risk of mistakes that lead to costly re-work and project delays. It also empowers project managers and field supervisors with the project reports they need to address potential issues before they become profit-draining problems.

As Maggie Anderson, vice president of project delivery for Tallahassee, Florida-based Pinnacle/CSG, explains, “Sage Construction Anywhere provides us with immediate access to our data in the field. If cost issues come up with subcontractors, if I need to check on a budget, or if I need to see where our spending is going, I can do that – from anywhere.”Immediate access to project information also helps leaders on site, like Anderson, quickly settle disputes or misunderstandings. “A subcontractor may have submitted a change order and then says they never received an executed copy. I can pull up my reports and show them that it has been issued. The issue is settled right there. Everyone can go right back to work. It saves a day or two of searching for paperwork.”Beyond providing teams the access to the information needed to perform well in the field, Sage Construction Anywhere also makes it easier for office personnel to get the field information needed to speed up payroll processing and labor cost reporting. Using a mobile App on an iOS or Android mobile device, field staff can quickly and easily submit employee time worked on a project. Submitted time can then be reviewed and approved using a mobile App, or online within Sage Construction Anywhere, by supervisors and payroll administrators.

Once approved, the time can be shared with Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office) to jumpstart payroll and provide quicker visibility into labor costs. Moving from a paper-based time reporting system to Sage Construction Anywhere can have a dramatic impact in bridging the reporting gap between the field and the office. According to Maeva Mayes, office manager for Benton, Arkansas-based Dean Crowder Construction, “It has saved us so much time and has improved the overall accuracy of the payroll process. From the very first payroll we processed using Sage Construction Anywhere, we were able to cut our payroll processing time in half.”Built on the Microsoft® Azure platform and using the latest mobile technologies, Sage Construction Anywhere pairs technical innovation with the practical knowledge Sage has acquired in helping more than 40,000 construction companies manage more than 400,000 projects and 5.7 million subcontracts annually. As a result, Sage Construction Anywhere helps contractors solve real issues and get more out of the opportunity each project presents. Link: