Credit: Mike Schweitzer

Concrete pumps, especially with long booms, are sometimes hampered when working in urban environments or tight job sites because of their outrigger spreads. The Schwing EASy one-sided outrigger system alleviates some of the set-up problems by allowing the operator to deploy only the outriggers on the side that the boom will be used. This helps to set-up on streets where the pour area is off one side of the pump such as an excavation or structure to be pumped. The EASy allows maximum boom reach off one side of the pump with a 140-degree slewing range.

The EASy Flex system allows a 200-degree slewing range of the boom at full extension with one-sided outriggers by extending the opposite side front outrigger two-thrids of the way. With boom reach of nearly 200-feet, this allows a concrete boom pump to set-up next to a site on the street and pour a foundation or medium rise structure without impeding traffic. Without the system, contractors would be forced to utilize a remote pump with an extensive pipeline system to reach all areas of the pour.

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