Schwing Control Technology (SCT) is a new control system for truck mixers with innovative features not currently available to concrete producers. First is the innovation to SMART technology with a built-in inclinometer that automatically increases drum speed when the truck mixer is on a slope to prevent unintended discharge with high slump concrete. A digital slump meter is incorporated to monitor the load and keep the concrete in spec. Secondly, the operator saves fuel by selecting the “batch” function instead of increasing the engine rpm while waiting to be loaded. The system senses the concrete components during charging and SCT adjusts the truck and drum rpm to an optimal charge setting saving fuel and component wear. Thirdly, by pressing the “batch” button again, the system automatically converts to “mix” mode and increases engine rpm to mix the components for 75 drum revolutions per ASTM C94. The system automatically drops the drum to a selectable automatic constant speed rpm when 75 revolutions are completed. If a driver chooses to mix while in transit, the system activates with the parking brake release to spin the drum at six rpms until 75 revolutions have been completed. Then the drum returns to the automatic constant speed  rpm for fuel savings and less wear. Programmable features include automatic constant drum speed rpm, discharge drum rpm, slump meter calibration and truck idle speed during charging. The control system stores the optimum drum speed for charging, mixing in transit and discharge. If the driver pauses when discharging on a job, the system will automatically return to the desired discharge rate by calling up the previous drum speed. This can be helpful when discharging into concrete pumps or curb machines. Full diagnostics of the control’s electrical system are available at the touch of a button to determine if a problem is electrical or mechanical to help troubleshooting.

Drivers have a choice of buttons or touch screen control with SCT’s seven-inch full color LCD with built in back-up camera display.  The push buttons allow drivers to “feel” the desired operation while keeping their eyes on the road. Notifications are displayed for chute position, hopper up, oil cooler, high oil temp, component faults and loss of connection to the truck’s CAN-Bus (controller area network). SCT uses Can-bus technology that provides a durable network to allow multiple devices to communicate. The system is built with multiple levels of redundancy if a control options fails. An optional joystick performs chute and drum functions without looking away from the road. An ergonomic wireless remote provides two-way communication and also displays the slump, drum rpm, and drum count. SCT also introduces a safety stop feature to the wireless remote for increased mixer control safety. The control system is mounted in-cab with full adjustability eliminating numerous screens and distractions. Simple to use and durable for the construction environment, SCT provides the ultimate in driver awareness, information, safety and accessibility resulting in better quality concrete with time and fuel savings.

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