The MC-68 is a breakthrough in site camera technology. Being 100% wireless and solar powered means that no internet or power connections are required at the site. This allows deployment from the start of the project, and reduces total costs. The MC-68 is multi-function, providing features for marketing, project documentation, team communications, site security, and more. The MC-68 is portable and can be easily moved from job to job. The camera setup is fully automated, requiring no IT expertise for installation. The associated Cloud Service allows real-time site monitoring from any PC, phone, or tablet from anywhere in the world.

The MC-68 includes integrated power/charging system making it compact and portable. The camera with solar panel weighs just 16 lbs. (compared to past solar powered cameras weighing hundreds). Contractor staff can easily install and manage the camera eliminating costs for electricians and IT staff.

The MC-68 is the first truly multi-function site camera. It provides automated time lapse for marketing, live streaming for customer transparency and subcontractor management, and onboard recording for site security after hours.

The MC-68 benefits contractors by providing a flexible site camera solution that is affordable and simple enough to be deployed on a very wide range of project types and sizes.  The benefits of site cameras are becoming increasingly understood and include customer transparency, project documentation, marketing, reduced travel, safety and security, and management efficiency. Prior site camera solutions were expensive and required professional installation and management. The MC-68 changes all that and is making site cameras a standard tool in the box that contractors can count on.

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