By keeping the Concrete Contractor in mind the Axiom 1155, the Somero Matson Group brings both simplicity and ease of use to the forefront in its compact, lightweight, robust design.  Built on the Android operating system, the Axiom 1155’s Measurement and Layout Companion apps can be used with a Bluetooth enabled Android phone or tablet of choice to give the average user the ability and guidance to reliably and precisely test floors in accordance with the latest ASTM E1155 standards, and joint stability ACI 360R-10 section 6.2.

For testing floors with FF/FL specs the Layout Companion app simply walks the user through a step by step process which makes recommendations on how a given surface should be laid out and tested according to ASTM E1155.  From there the Measurement app enables the phone or tablet to speak via Bluetooth to the Axiom 1155 during the actual testing.  The app clearly shows the run results in real time and offers an easy graphical comparison of each of the runs for analysis. Upon completion of the test, the Measurement app allows the user to send the results immediately from the Android phone or tablet to any and all interested parties for review.

In Deflectometer mode the Axiom 1155 can be used to measure and assess joint stability in new construction as required by ACI 360R-10 section 6.2 when assessing old floors.  Simply by placing the Axiom 1155 on the joint in question and then loading (crossing the joint with a forklift) the joint the differential movement measurement will be displayed and recorded.

Designed and Manufactured in America by the Somero Matson Group, the Axiom 1155 is made of premium components designed to consistently produce +/- 0.0015 inch/foot levels of accuracy within a wide operating range of -35C to 145C.  All this without the need for yearly calibration, at the best price, and with a complete 1 year factory warranty.  Come visit the Somero Matson Group at booth XYZ to learn more about this truly innovative product.

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