The Power Train Saver protects trucks of all sizes from over-torque damage. Installed into the existing drive shaft, it works on a system of three shear pins, called torque fuses, that are engineered and tensile tested to precisely shear just prior to the power train breaking point. When over-torque occurs, the torque fuses shear, preventing damage to the drive shaft, axles, gears, and differentials. After shearing, the unit freewheels on an internal support bushing and pin that keeps the drive shaft in place rather than falling to the ground and causing other damage. Repair is just a matter of backing off the nuts and replacing the broken torque fuses. Sonnax Industries, 800-843-2600.

The 2009 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest, held in concert with World of Concrete, showcases innovation in the concrete and masonry construction industry. A total of 100 entries in 14 categories were submitted. Each entry was reviewed for their unique attributes and contributions to the concrete industry by the readers of Concrete Construction, Concrete & Masonry Construction Products, Masonry Construction, and The Concrete Producer; World of Concrete attendees; and a panel of industry experts.

Combining the results from text messaging and online ballots as well as expert feedback, this is one of the 2009 MIP winners relevant to Concrete Construction.