• Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete technology was developed and patented by USC Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Concrete, Inc.

    Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete dries faster than conventional lightweight concrete mixes and guarantees that flooring materials can be installed in 90 days or less. Most lightweight concrete floors can take over a year to dry to an acceptable level due to the amount of moisture held by their lightweight aggregate and higher water content. In cases where a lightweight concrete floor is exposed to uncontrolled or extreme ambient conditions, the moisture level in the floor may never drop below 80% internal relative humidity.

    The result of many years of research and development, Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete is a game-changing concrete solution for concrete moisture problems and is transforming the way design professionals, contractors, and building owners think about floor slabs and construction schedules. It further enables building owners to use water-based, environmentally friendly flooring adhesives on top of lightweight concrete.

    No moisture mitigation system is needed in addition to the slab concrete because that mitigation is “built-in” with Aridus. That eliminates a task and allows the project schedule to be compressed, which is made possible structurally due to the high-early strength of Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete mix designs. This is especially critical for schedule sensitive projects like hospitals and schools.

    Key Cost and Time-Saving Benefits of Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete:

    Rapid drying ability helps keep critical projects on schedule and potentially shorten the overall construction process

  • Guaranteed to dry to an internal relative humidity of 80% or less in 90 days
  • Low shrinkage reduces cracking, curling and warping
  • Green Mix – replaces 50% of the cement with slag
  • High-early compressive strength (>5000 psi in 3 days) allows trades to move forward with construction
  • Pumps, places and finishes well with almost no bleed water
  • Proactive solution prevents disruptions in the building schedule and high cost of remediation

Aridus Lightweight Rapid Drying Concrete is being made available nationwide through a qualified producer network. Each licensed company in the Aridus producer network is selected for their expertise and experience. In addition, Aridus Lightweight is readily available through the U.S. Concrete family of ready-mix concrete companies at locations serving major construction markets in the United States (California, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.)

Aridus support and training are also available nationwide through Stego Industries, U.S. Concrete’s exclusive sales representatives for Aridus and Aridus Lightweight Concrete.