Acid Etching and other acid based applications in the Decorative Concrete, Ready Mixed Concrete, Masonry and the Construction Industry as a whole was viewed with a certain degree of skepticism in part due to the volatility of certain commonly used acids. 

Issues relating to inconsistent surface profile, effects on person, plants, animal, and equipment were common to the use of traditional acids. In addition limitations for use on indoor projects due to fuming were of equal concern. 

Synpro Ultra-Safe Etch and Profiler utilizes a patented technology that out perform the strength of traditional acids while at the same time control Hydro Carbon displacement reversing its effect on human and deeming it very safe; this is in direct opposition to the volatility common with the use of traditional acid base products.  This technology offer a number of benefits to the contractor; a safe use product, a uniform surface profile, lowers the personal safety barrier, allow for both interior and exterior applications, minimize compliance challenge and is used where a number of acid-based products are not allowed. 

Synpro Ultra-Safe Etch & Profiler is used in a number of applications and process including Exposed Aggregate, Chemical Etch, Concrete clean and Degrease and acid staining and Architectural Finishes.  

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