Take your constructible information management tools to the field on your tablet and phone with Tekla Field3D! Your entire concrete project including rebar, formwork, embeds and concrete can be visualized, reviewed, measured and discussed within the software. Having all the constructible information in a 3D model on your tablet can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to evaluate drawings for concrete in the field.

Tekla Field3D connects site and office digitally. You can create notes and work packages on your preferred BIM modeling software, for example Tekla Structures, by creating multiple views, comments and documents and send that easily for field usage on your tablet. You can also reply to the office from the field with comments and attach documents, like pictures.

Tekla Field3D also offers the best performance on mobile devices, on the go by handling big amounts of data normally associated with BIM projects. Tekla Field3D is the first mobile BIM tool to support BuildingSMART’s BIM Collaboration format BCF 2.0 and allows you to share notes with any BIM software user regardless of the vendor. Field3D is also available for both iOS and Android devices.

According to field tested customer experiences, using Tekla Field3D on the field eliminates substantial visits between field and site office saving time and money.  One particular study has proved that it saves 4 hours per week per user.

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