Teletrac’s all-new Fleet Director platform is a forward-thinking look into the future of fleet management. Fleet Director has evolved beyond location tracking to provide powerful and robust insight into driver and vehicle behavior. Companies have implemented this performance data to implement multiple benchmarks into their daily operations, including driver safety programs using Teletrac Safety Analytics feature. Teletrac’s effective driver safety solution allows customers to rank and score their drivers’ performance by monitoring harsh braking, speeding, fast cornering and stop sign violations.

Additionally, Teletrac’s actionable vehicle data can benefit fleet of any size or industry by providing companies with key performance data, such as fuel use, idle time information and vehicle diagnostic data that can help cut down fuel consumption and other inefficiencies, increasing a fleet’s lifespan, efficiency and cost savings. Teletrac differentiates itself from other software providers through its datarich and flexible platform that delivers actionable business data to managers wherever they need to be, from their desktop computer to their mobile phones.

Teletrac is currently saving companies 28 million gallons of fuel and 280,000 tons of carbon dioxide by encouraging smarter driving each year. Combining intelligent navigation and fleet management, Teletrac has the power to cut average fuel consumption by 30% and driving time by a third (32%). In addition, our customers report an average of 15% less driver overtime, 12% higher productivity and dramatically reduced unauthorized vehicle use. In fact, one Teletrac customer—French automaker, Citroën—reported 97% of all stolen vehicles were recovered in 2013 because of Teletrac’s accurate data solution.

The power to monitor vehicle and driver behavior provides companies with a strong competitive advantage. Fleet Director offers businesses measurable data that provides a snapshot of daily vehicle and driver activity. Having access to accurate behavioral data—such as fuel use, productivity levels and safety patterns—allows companies to stay efficient, productive and cost-effective.

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