• Sanitred is the world's one and only liquid rubber coating system that permanently repairs and bonds to concrete, wood, fiberglass, and metal. With over 590% Permanent Elongation Sanitred can repair cracks in surfaces like concrete never to crack back! Sanitred will cure in temperature ranges of -15° to 250° F. Long pot life and quick dry time makes Sanitred the perfect solution for the decorative flooring industry. With unlimited decorative broadcast materials available you can transform Sanitred into a super tough and decorative surface with unlimited performance that will be waterproof, retain negative hydro static pressure, and resist moisture vapor failures.

    Our flexible penetration technology allows us to permanently bond deep within the substrate to create a monolithic molecular bond that when lab tested exceeds all ASTM vacuum testing with results that maintains 29" HG for over 110 hours with zero leak. We even hold back 99% of Radon that penetrates your dwelling. Contractors love our Sanitred Systems because they can finally repair a surface and promise that the cracks will never come back! Our product is simple to use , easy to apply, and can be used for thousands of applications. With Sanitred Systems we solve so many problems, there is unlimited income potential for our contractors who desire a product they can trust. We commonly sell our products to contractors to preform commercial, industrial, and residential applications like factory and garage floors, pool decks and patios, basements and commercial roofing,swimming pools and ponds , drive ways, tank coatings and so much more.


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