By using this “exterior terrazzo” flooring system (Artego TZ) in the arrival area, the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino wanted guests to begin an experience that was like nothing else on the strip. The project required a material that could withstand heavy vehicular traffic and be fire rated, while maintaining the integrity of the intricate design and aesthetics. This material fit the bill. Conceived from a highly resilient material that typically is used for heavy equipment and industrial use, it was developed into seamless, durable architectural flooring for the resort.

Custom aggregates and colors, gave the Cosmopolitan the one-of-a-kind floor the owners were looking for. The material was used vertically as well as horizontally. By changing the color, it also was used as lane delineations that would not have to be repeatedly painted, resulting in a significant lifelong cost savings. Another cost benefit is the durability, which makes this system a lifelong, easy-to-maintain floor.