The Simem Xentrix planetary mixer's main drives are moved out to permit central charging of cement, admixtures, and water from the top for improved mixing performance and optimal concrete quality. Both water and cement are introduced in the center of the mixer for quick dispersion and shortened mix time. Modular interchangeable parts allow quick changes to the mixer configuration based on new production requirements. An automatic washing system uses high pressure wash heads with 3-D movement, located at four positions inside the mixer, for faster and more efficient cleaning of the mixer. Simem s.R.l., +039 0442 640014.

The 2009 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest, held in concert with World of Concrete, showcases innovation in the concrete and masonry construction industry. A total of 100 entries in 14 categories were submitted. Each entry was reviewed for their unique attributes and contributions to the concrete industry by the readers of Concrete Construction, Concrete & Masonry Construction Products, Masonry Construction, and The Concrete Producer; World of Concrete attendees; and a panel of industry experts.

Combining the results from text messaging and online ballots as well as expert feedback, this is one of the 2009 MIP winners relevant to Concrete Construction.