The new exhibit at Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo Tropical House includes 11 water features, stamped pathways, and vertical rock treatments. To form the rainforest replica, concrete contractor Randy Klassen used a number of concrete installation methods, including slab-on-grade floors, structural slabs, ICF walls, shotcrete and vertically carved concrete, and stamping and coloring techniques.

One innovative method used Fox Blocks ICFs to create support for the numerous waterfalls throughout the exhibit. Once in place, a plywood floor was built and a hole cut in the bottom of the ICFs so that as concrete was poured into the forms it flowed freely into the open floor space before filling the forms and creating a watertight system. Rebar grids were used to form large rocks that were shotcreted and carved. Klassen colored the project using an HVLP sprayer to mist different shades of black and green. The project featured 1500 bags of Vertifaux and took five months to complete.