One of the best ways to gauge a pump is by its pressure. Pressure determines the horizontal or vertical pumping distance. Trailer pumps are workhorses in the concrete industry, quietly doing their job with little fanfare and less exposure than their boom pump brothers. However, trailer pumps can be extremely varied.

There are pumps designed for specific types of mixes: low slump, large aggregates (usually up to 1.5 inches). Many of these pumps also have the S valve technology common on boom pumps. Some units are combined with mixers for added convenience. They are perfect for shotcreting and grouting. There are trailer pumps for almost any occasion. If you would like information on any the following pumps, circle the corresponding reader service number.

Pump with twice the horsepower

With up to twice the horsepower of other pumps of similar output, the Powercreter Elite 30 is designed specifically for midrange, mid-application shotcrete and concrete applications. It features a swing-tube design that provides smooth concrete flow and fast switchover to minimize surge and pulsation. The pump is ideal for construction projects such as foundations and pools, pressure grouting, and rockscaping. Allen-town Equipment, 800-553-3414,

Durable concrete pumps

The Mayco LS series of concrete pumps (LS40, LS50TD, and LS60TD) features vertical and horizontal pumping distances of up to 300 and 1200 feet, respectively. All three pumps are equipped with a hopper remixer, a 10-cubic-foot hopper capacity, hydraulic oil cooler, and 6x36-inch concrete cylinders. Other features include high velocity heat exchangers to cool the hydraulics, extra-strength grates with reinforced splash covers, 40-gallon fuel tanks, and potted solid-state circuitry that eliminates vibration and improves durability. Multiquip, 800-421-1244,

Low-volume, high-pressure pump

The Pro-Cretor is a low-volume, high-pressure concrete pump/mixer designed for a number of applications, including shotcreting, pressure grouting, refractory work, and concrete repair. Powered by a 30-hp Deutz engine, it has an output up to 6 cubic yards per hour with a maximum pump pressure of 1300 psi. The unit also can handle aggregate up to ¾ inch. Other features include a 32-gallon hydraulic tank, and a hopper capacity of 11 cubic feet. Airplaco Equipment Co., 888-349-2950,

Pump for low-slump mixes

The Alpha hydraulic pea-rock pump is designed for harsher, lower slump mixes. The unit features a direct-flow, cast steel S-tube, and comes in three models, rated at 10, 20, and 25 cubic yards per hour. The dual-circuit hydraulic components are housed in a unique monoblock hydraulic brain, eliminating 60% of the hydraulic hoses found in most concrete pumps. The directional valves, relief and unloader valves, and stop, start, and reverse functions are all contained in a one-piece manifold. Transcrete America, 866-662-3500,

Pump with a long reach

Specifically designed for shotcreting, the Katt-Kreter pump provides operators with both high volume and high pressure. Output can reach up to 50 cubic yards per hour up to 1100 psi. With a 131-hp turbocharged diesel engine, it has enough power to pump 1200 feet horizontally and 400 feet vertically. Its twin-shifting cylinders provide smooth pumping, with reduced line surges. It can also handle low-slump concrete or aggregates up to 1½ inches. Putzmeister America, 800-884-7210,

Concrete pump with more

The Mor-Crete 30 concrete pump has a rated capacity of 30 cubic yards per hour. Powered by a 73-hp water-cooled diesel engine, it enables operators to pump more at maximum pressure (875 psi). Direct shifting of the swing valve is made possible with two flow-through cylinders. The product is suitable for pumping concrete, shotcrete, grouting, and mud jacking. Variable volume control gives the user flexibility in selecting pumping capacity. Ehresmann Engineering, 605-665-7532,

Pump delivers high pressure

The MightyMag 30HV and 30HP concrete pumps use state-of-the-art hydraulic circuits for delivering high pressures, and S-tube technology for low slump materials. They are perfect for shotcreting, bridgework, slabjacking, and pressure grouting. The 30HV unit pumps 10 yards per hour up to 700 psi. Small enough to fit through doorways, the MightyMag can also be modified into a trailer pump. It features a quick-connect system for attaching to any MightyMag mixing system, including pan and paddle mixers. Magnum Pumps, 866-777-7876,

Performance for placing concrete

The 15 75 S valve concrete pump offers performance and reliability for placing concrete, grout, shotcrete, or mortar. With an output of up to 78 cubic yards, it has a horizontal pumping distance of 1200 feet and a 380-foot vertical distance. It can also handle aggregate up to 1½ inches. The unit has features an 8-cubic-foot hopper and a 132-hp engine. Olin Engineering, 800-334-4362,

More horsepower for long distance pumping

The B50 concrete pump now has more horsepower to help with long distance pumping. With a 98-hp diesel engine, the unit can pump up to 50 cubic yards per hour, with aggregate up to 1½ inches at pressure of 1361 psi. It also features a low hopper height for easy loading and cleaning, an adjustable shifting-force valve, and a solid state black box for faster cycling. The pump is available with optional radio remote control and hydraulic outriggers. Reed Concrete Pumps, 888-779-7333,

Perfect pump for all types of applications

The Blastcrete D6528 mixer/pump is recommended for mixing, pumping, and spraying all types of plaster, stucco, shotcrete, aggregate concrete, cellular concrete, grout, and flooring underlayments up to 10 cubic yards per hour. It features a 1000-pound capacity spiral mixer with hydraulic dump, 1200-pound capacity receiving hopper with agitator, a hydraulic reversible squeeze pump, all mounted on a high-speed trailer. The machine and up to 250 feet of delivery line can be cleaned in less than 15 minutes. Blastcrete Equipment Co., 800-235-4867,