The construction method is so fast that it's being used for nearly all commercial buildings in southern Florida. The method used? Composite concrete joist and slab construction. One Florida building complex constructed on a fast-track schedule is Datran Center, a mixed use development in south Dade County. For the structural frame, the contractor/developer chose a prestressed concrete joist system with composite cast-in-place concrete deck. There were three main reasons for the choice:

  1. Concrete construction met stringent fire and life safety standards required for the building.
  2. The longspan capability of prestressed concrete joists permitted large, column-free spaces without sacrificing floor-to-floor height.
  3. A reinforced concrete structural system provided the necessary flexibility needed for the fast-track construction program used.

Precast joists speed construction because they support forms for casting the floor slab and eliminate the need for separate shoring.