Architectural merit was the dominating requirement for a new water tower completed recently at Orebro in Sweden. The tower has a central location in the town and one of the essential requirements was a slim profile which would give the least possible shade. The tower capacity is almost 2 and one half million gallons and by conventional standards this would require a very bulky structure but by means of extensive prestressing it was possible to achieve a strikingly attractive structure. Although the design resulted in substantial savings in material costs, it presented some difficulties in respect to formwork. Form supports up to 132 feet high would have been necessary and because of the conical shape even a very slight deformation of the supports could create a tangential pull which would lead to cracking the concrete. To overcome these problems the contractors decided on an ingenious technique which involved casting the reservoir portion complete on the ground and lifting it up during the construction of the supporting stem. The restaurant, roof structure and internal staircases were all built during this lifting process. The total weight of the structure involved in the lifting operating was 3200 tons. Lifting was done by means of 32 hydraulic jacks.