This logo was done over a period of five days, with a two man crew.  We overlaid the entire floor with a Miracote overlay, using  a combination of MPC Regular and MPC smooth  with color to create the marbling behind the logo and the borders.  The borders were stained using sponges.  The logo was done using a vinyl stencil. 

All coloring in the logo is Miracote MPC Smooth with custom coloring. It was done in layers and weeding the stencil as we moved from one color to the next. 

The bolt was our biggest challenge. First we overlaid the bolt in, and then we taped off all areas and airbrushed all the shadows in to create a 3D look. We then placed the black bolt pattern around the logo itself.  Then grouting was done to separate the borders from each other.

The final step was Miracotes 100% solids CQ epoxy and then a coat of Miracote glaze top.