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The market’s exploded since 2000, when retail behemoth Home Depot began converting floors to polished concrete and specifying polished concrete for new stores. As word of the material’s cost-effectiveness and aesthetics spread beyond commercial customers, small businesses and homeowners became converts. More people are converting every day.

Whenever there’s a fast buck to be made, all kinds of people jump on the opportunity. And not all polishers are created equal.

We launched our annual Polished Concrete Awards six years ago to celebrate contractors who raise this market segment’s professionalism. They’ve long believed their product is superior to the alternatives. They manage expectations by being honest about maintenance and long-term performance. They educate project team members to get a canvas that enables them to deliver the floor the customer envisions. They take pride in their work.

They’re scientists as well as artists. Many of the projects we review are stained, stamped, stenciled, and colored into works of art their customers’ customers see daily. Maybe I’m biased, but there’s just as much beauty in a floor like the one depicted on our cover.

So think of the projects you’re proudest of, not just for how they look but for how you influenced the outcome. Deadline is Sept. 16, but it will be here before you know it.

Your company benefits even if you don’t win an award. For only $75, your project lives in perpetuity on our website. We refer to candidates as well as winners throughout the year.

You’ll have to fill out an online entry form and provide photos, so someone on your team will have to round up supporting documentation as well as the corporate credit card number. If you entered last year, you just need your e-mail address.

Good luck!