At a popular theme park resort in Florida, vacationers are treated to an all-star experience of their choice. If you are a sports fan, you can celebrate the active life at their All-Star Sports Resort. The complex puts you right on the field as both participant and spectator in an all-star resort experience. At the All-Star Music Resort, music fans can be a little bit country, a touch jazzy, a Broadway baby, a calypso crooner, and a whole lotta rock'n roll. At their All-Star Movie Resort, movie fans can revisit the classics that salute legendary film characters.

There was about 13,000 square feet of hallways, walkways, and dining areas over ceramic tile in the music and sports resorts that was scheduled to be remodeled. Architects and the Asset Management Group at the facility put the job out for bidding. Three contractors bid the job, but PremUS was the only company that could produce a scale-sized mockup. Gary Rader, of PremUS Inc., saw that the job was a huge challenge, but the more difficult the job, the better the challenge. He decided to go for it.

The facility has a specific color scheme so Rader worked on different colors and designs with the designers at his facility. He allowed the group to use his blend station and they all spent several months trying different color selections and making samples. PremUS was awarded the job because he was able to create the exact color match, duplicate the area, and produce a scale model that was an exact replica of the section of the park.

Rader contacted Dur-A-Flex sales representative Dan Voss for feedback and application techniques for this job. This was a high-profile installation and many of the resort's top executives were keeping close tabs on the work.

There are more than 6000 rooms at the resorts and roughly 20,000 people visit the area daily, so shutting down was not an option.

The executives were clear that there could be no disruption to the business and they had about one month to complete the installation. This meant that the park would not close for this installation. There could be no noise, so prep was done at night. There could be no dust, so Rader and his crew used their large vacuum diamond-grinding equipment. There was to be no indication that any work was being done, so PremUS build more than 100 barricades with padlocks to shield the work space from those with a tendency to gawk.

The tile existed on a dry-packed floor, so the floor could not be removed. A diamond grinder was needed to create the profile. Transition areas were prevalent throughout the area so the crew created seamless transitions to minimize trip/fall hazards, as well as offer aesthetic appeal.

The system chosen was a modified Dur-A-Glaze Self-Level system with a flake broadcast. They chose to topcoat with Ultra-Clear and finished it off with Armor-Top because emitting no odor went along with the facility owner's stipulations, and it wears like iron.

Today, the top-level executives and the Facility Asset Management Group of the park agree that they made the correct choice with PremUS and Dur-A-Flex. Their satisfaction is evident because they have chosen to us PremUS to install Dur-A-Flex systems in several other facilities at the park.