The design for this water feature mimics crop and irrigation fields found across the Colorado plains. The rectangular housing for the water feature includes black-colored interior walls and floors made of waterproof concrete. These surfaces feature a sandscape texture finish. Black corner pilasters create a nice contrast to the earth-tone exterior walls with their smooth-finished surfaces.

The pavement surrounding the feature used multiple color stains, including black, brown, off-white, and aqua set off in circular, rectangular, and square areas. Colorado Hardscapes Inc. used the same sandscape texture to finish the paving. Seating areas throughout the project accent the site. The project took several months to finish between the structural, mechanical, and electrical installation crews. Colorado Hardscapes alone had three different crews working on the project.

Designer's Perspective

Water dancing within a contained rectangular structure, surrounded by patches of prairie farming: Norris Design and the owner, Wiens Capital Group, had this aerial view in mind when they designed the Arista Plaza water feature in Broomfield, Colo.

Colorado Hardscapes Inc., Denver, did the concrete work for this project, which incorporated a Sandscape Texture finish with multiple Con-color stains. Squares, rectangles, and circles were colored with tones of black, brown, off-white, and aqua to mimic the circles within squares of the crops and irrigation fields on the Colorado plains. The coordinating seating elements add depth and interest to the view.

The exterior inward-sloping walls of the rectangular structure containing the water feature also use the Sandscape Texture finish. The black interior walls and floors were made with waterproof concrete. The smooth finished black concrete corner pilasters contrast with the earth tones in the other parts of the feature.

Three different Colorado Hardscapes crews (a total of thirteen individuals) worked on this project over a period of several months to allow time to coordinate the installation of the structural, electrical, and mechanical elements in the paving and fountain.