Commercial Winner: New Construction

ASB Bank’s new head office in New Zealand incorporates the latest sustainable features. During construction the high-profile building was the largest construction site in New Zealand and one of the most unique. Additionally, the client wanted a visually stunning eco-friendly architectural feature floor.

Breaking free of the traditional architectural resin floor, Polished Concrete Ltd. used a special black oxide concrete mix that, along with the Husqvarna Hiperfloor Premium system (3000-grit resin diamonds), produced an aesthetically pleasing, durable floor.

A large area of timber-inlay flooring had to be accommodated within the polished concrete, presenting a challenge around its perimeter. The edge levels were polished to laser accuracy (within a millimeter) to create stunning flush details.

Aesthetics aside, the polished concrete floors also act as a heat source in winter, effectively reducing the need for artificial heating, and help create airflow through the building.

Polished Concrete Ltd. has been in the business for 16 years and considers this project to be the company’s best work.