After many years of operating in a dingy old building, Auckland Harley Davidson owner Ray Pratt wanted something more. The previous showroom’s grind-and-seal system had shown signs of wear and tear after only a couple of years, which was bringing down the company’s brand. Prat wanted to ensure the new location would embody everything that the Harley Davidson brand is: a company that embraces a culture of excellence by exemplifying a commitment to deliver premium quality with the promise of fulfilling lifetime ownership experiences.

Pratt consulted Polished Concrete Ltd. to help dream up ideas of how to best embody Harley Davidson’s quality into a new showroom The contractor suggested using diamond-polished concrete technology (Husqvarna Hiperfloor).

The construction timeline was tight, so the Polished Concrete crew worked after hours to meet the deadline while simultaneously assisting with the previous store’s “de-fit” grind to return the floor to its original state. This allowed Pratt and his team to focus their efforts on the “fit out” process of installing and furnishing the new store during business hours.

Pratt was so impressed with the showroom, that before he opened the new store location he wanted to incorporate polished concrete benches as well. The contractor sourced a similar mix design to the existing concrete slab, formed the molds, cast the concrete, and then processed these bench tops to match the Hiperfloor system. They were a hit, serving as a beautiful accenting feature.

Since then, many of Pratt’s clients have requested that Polished Concrete install Hiperfloor in their homes so they could show off their Harley Davidson bikes.