When wanting to construct a brand new Audi dealership in Peoria Ariz., AutoNation called on Edwards Concrete Co. which has done more than 30 AutoNation dealership service centers nationwide and has mastered the Transcrete Color hard Polishing System and a custom color called AutoNation Grey.

Time was of the essence in completing this project. We had adequate manpower to meet the specified construction schedule and even had multiple crews working simultaneously in different areas. Crews endured many different challenges daily, like having to pour concrete in 100-degreee weather inside a building, watching out for the occasional afternoon sandstorms that would cover the jobsite and native creatures like scorpions and tarantulas.

Once the cure blankets were removed we had to be very careful when using the laser screed as not to damage any of the drywall or structures in the building. In just three weeks, the contractor completed the entire project, pouring 154 yards of concrete, using more than 100 bags of custom made color, and stain-guarding and diamond-polishing the entire 9253 sq.ft service center floor to a mirror finish.